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Getting Started with TheSortingHat

Firstly, what is TheSortingHat ?

TheSortingHat is a Spigot plugin developed with Java, although it natively supports version 1.12.2, it may work with 1.8 / 1.7 (not tested yet), it’s planned to make it open source in order to community help the plugin stay alive on future versions, therefore, less dependant of the creator.

Check TheSortingHat on the bukkit page here.

Why TheSortingHat ?

Several years ago, I used to have a Harry Potter RPG server, I had a problem setting players to their houses randomly. As a result, the idea was a command where it would randomly choose and run another commands from the configurated options. Although the plugin was inspired in Harry Potter, it can be used to other purposes.

How to Install ?

Click here to see the install instructions

Installing spigot plugins is fortunantely a very simple task, follow the steps above:

1. Download the plugin

After going to the plugin’s page to download, click on the Download latest file to start downloading





2. Drag and drop the TheSortingHat.jar to the plugins folder of your Spigot/Bukkit server

If you don’t have a plugins folder, something went wrong with your bukkit / spigot installation, try to solve it here

3. If your server is running, reload/restart it

if you see a folder named TheSortingHat inside plugins and ‘Plugin activated’ in the console, it’s working !


In the next posts, it’ll be explained the configuration, usage and permissions of the plugin, stay up to date.

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